Cimolai is an industrial group
specialized in the realization of
large complex works,
able to compete on an equal footing
with the major international competitors.

What we do

Cimolai has diversified its activities in the field of Industrial, Civil, Military, Naval and Oil & Gas engineering. It also operates in the areas of Curtain Walls, Special Coatings and “Oversized” component handling systems.

Our Team

The individual processes (design, procurement, fabrication, delivery and
erection) are managed by a dedicated team of engineers specialized in the
management of complex jobs, and ensuring compliance with times, costs
and safety (HSE) above all.

Cimolai has consistently demonstrated that its knowledge, expertise and
experience in projects can be a significant factor in identifying
cost-effective solutions, in terms of both production and erection.


In 1949 Armando Cimolai, after working as a labourer, decides that the time is ripe to start his own business; with Albina, his young wife, he opens a small workshop in order to produce steel gates and windows.



Today Cimolai operates in more than 30 countries
with plants and commercial offices
located in Italy and abroad.



These certifications are released by internationally recognized third-party assessment bodies: this assures that Cimolai is effectively committed and capable to of satisfying technical, regulatory and customer requirements.
We’re proud to say that some of these international certifications are held by only very few companies in Europe, including ourselves.
Have a look at our certifications below, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information and ensure the application of your projects!


Synthesis data

The growing path achieved by the company during last years is documented by the summary charts which show data about human resources, production, turnover and investments.



Cimolai aims to contribute with its work, showing a sense of responsibility and moral integrity, to the process of developing the Italian economy and the civil growth of the country.



Find out detailed information regarding Cimolai’s offices and facilities, business activities and corporate entities as well as its projects and production around the globe.


sustainability report

Cimolai Group certifies its commitment to social and environmental responsibility through the Sustainability Report. Please read the document to learn about our actions and results in detail.