In 1949 Armando Cimolai, after working as a labourer, decides that the time is ripe to start his own business; with Albina, his young wife, he opens a small workshop in order to produce steel gates and windows.



The economic boom of the 60’s greatly encouraged the expansion of the family business. Cimolai constructed a new fabrication facility on Viale Venezia in 1963, fully equipped with technologically advanced installations and machinery. Many well-known manufacturing companies assigned Cimolai the job of expanding their fabrication facilities. Production was at a peak as projects from Zanussi, Fiat and Valeo were initiated.



Cimolai had to adapt quickly to the needs of the market. In 1974, the fabrication plant in Polcenigo was built, followed by the construction of the Roveredo in Piano workshop in 1985 and the service centre in San Quirino in 1991. The name Cimolai became synonymous with professionalism and reliability throughout Europe and the rest of the world, thanks to the subsequent projects undertaken, such as famous stadiums, bridges and aircraft shelters.


lsaw steel pipes

With the expansion into the foreign market came the necessity to consider transportation. With this in mind, the San Giorgio di Nogaro fabrication plant, on the banks of the Aussa Corno River, was constructed and equipped with a mooring quay for ocean going vessels.
Production of large pipes began in 2003 and the fabrication of ship hulls in 2007.



The company’s growth continued with the acquisition of Fabris Srl, a company specializing in mechanics.
Shortly after, in 2012, Zwahlen & Mayr SA, a leading Swiss structural steelwork company was bought.
And finally, a new 46,700 m2 plant in Monfalcone was opened, part of a vast 280,000 m2 area.



The JVK-Cimolai company was founded, with its headquarters based in Chelyabinsk, Russia. This set the foundation for the formation of production companies being formed in emerging countries, and developing businesses with local partners.
The plant, 26,400 m2 in size, was equipped with the most modern machines possible for the construction of steel structures.



Three Companies were set up: C & S Walls Srl which specializes in curtain walls, Cimolai Energy Srl which deals with components for the Oil and Gas industry, and Cimolai Heavy Lift Srl which manages and assembles heavy structures.


Technological innovation

Cimolai has installed automatic dimensional control to enable the production of pipes with very narrow tolerances, in addition to a new heat treatment furnace installation which offers complete support to our customers.
Secondly, the conventional manual UT testing has been replaced by a new automatic UT testing to fulfill major project requirements.
Another three companies have been set up, one being E.C. Project Srl, with its headquarters in Porcia, whose purpose is the design and construction of cladding for civil and industrial buildings. In addition, there is Cimolai Rimond Middle East General Contracting LLC, with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, and Cimolai & Rimond Middle East Contracting LLC, with its headquarters in Dubai.
In addition to all this, Cimolai has completed the certification process for environmental ISO 14001 in all its production sites.